Easy Summer Skin Care Routine

Hi guys! Today I will be giving you an easy summer skin care routine to follow.

When it comes to skin care I have a routine that I like to follow. This routine has worked well for me, but I would like to say it may not work for everyone. Everyone’s skin is different! I’m not saying it won’t work for you, but if it doesn’t do not get discouraged. Instead, I encourage you to do some experimenting and see what works for you!

Each item I am going to talk about is under $15, which is pretty affordable! I will also include links for you all to purchase these products (if applicable) if you would like to.

Here goes nothing!

Skin Care Routine

Step 1: SebaMed Liquid Face and Body Wash

I apply this to my face to cleanse it. I do not use it as a body wash, but it can be used for that as well! Once I am done I rinse it off with water.

Step 2: Face Roller & Rubbing Alcohol

I pour the rubbing alcohol onto the face roller and run the roller over problem spots on my face. (both of my cheeks and forehead) This was a great thing to add to my routine, because it really opens up my pores! *WARNING* do not push too hard with the roller because there are sharp needles on it (sounds bad, but its not) and too much pressure could cause you some pain.

Side note: Get your rubbing alcohol from the Dollar Store! You do not need anything too strong.

Step 3: Apply witch hazel with a cotton pad

Witch Hazel is a GREAT toner. It is also good to put it on your face after you have opened up your pores. After I apply it my face feels radiant and it helps to clean a lot of bacteria from your face. It is definitely a staple item in my opinion!

Step 4: Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

I love this item! I obviously need to go get some more (LOL). This spray works wonders. It leaves my skin feeling soft an refreshed. It also has aloe in it, which is another great toner! (What can’t aloe do?!) I put this on sometimes throughout the day when I feel like my face needs to be refreshed. I will also apply it after I have finished my make up sometimes, because it can work as a setting spray if you are going for a more dewy look.

Step 5: Vitamin E Oil

This is the ONLY thing I use to moisturize my face. I started using it because of my little sister and i’m glad I took her advice. Vitamin E oil leaves my skin feeling moisturized throughout the whole day and it does not clog my pores! Some moisturizers I would use in the past would leave my face feeling oily and heavy. I would then get acne that I believe was due to the moisturizers. Start using Vitamin E oil! Show your skin some love sis.

Here’s some cute pictures of me and proof of what my skin routine has done for my face!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to comment below!

-Talk to you later sweetieZ!