The “N” Word…

There are a lot of times I find myself finding it hard to say the “N” word. I want to please everyone and be there for everything, but that’s not how life should be lived.

I am not the only one that struggles with saying the “N” word. A lot of people I know have this same problem!

When an opportunity arises our first thoughts may be , “How can I make this work?” or “I don’t want to miss out on anything”. Even if we had prior obligations or simply wanted to use our extra time to relax we say yes. This may (oddly enough) seem like a good idea in the moment, but as time goes on we begin regretting our decision. Coming to terms with the stress of overbooking ourselves and spreading ourselves thin can be a hard pill to swallow, but it must be done!

Lately i’ve been carefully thinking over opportunities that are presented to me. Whether its a friend asking to hangout or someone asking for a favor. I’m learning that my answer doesn’t always have to be yes. It’s okay for me to say NO!

Yes, that means i’ll miss out on some outings with friends, but that doesn’t mean i’ll miss every outing! It also means that I won’t always be able to do favors that are asked of me, but that is okay! That does not make me a bad person or make others think I am unreliable. It’s not healthy for us to try to do it all!

Now when I make decisions I go with how I feel in my heart. If I feel any apprehension I step back and give myself time to think. Then I ask myself a series of questions pertaining to the situation. For example, if i’m contemplating whether or not to go out with friends I may ask myself, “Do I have the money to do so?”, “Will I be present in the moment or are there other obligations I should be tending to?” or quite frankly, “Do I even feel like going out?”. If majority of my answers are negative to those questions I know it’s time for me to say NO!

Remember to be intentional with your thoughts and decision making. Saying NO is not selfish, it’s healthy!

-Talk you later sweetieZ