Weekend Get Away Guide

Hi guys, welcome back!

This past weekend I took my first weekend trip to Nashville, TN with my boyfriend. We were able to experience a lot in the two days we were there thanks to careful planning beforehand. When you have a tight time frame for a trip every moment counts!

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Sometimes it can be hard to plan out a trip, so I am hoping this guide can help with that process. I am the queen of planning things and I promise my advice can be trusted. Now, let the planning begin!

1. Plan out your meals.

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It’s best to plan the places you want to eat before you get to your destination. For my trip to Nashville my boyfriend and I made a shared note through our iphones. One day we sat down and did research on the best places to eat in Nashville. This helped us plan out what we would eat for lunch and dinner (breakfast was included at our hotel).

On any other trip we probably wouldn’t plan out our meals in much detail, but with two days we were kind of on a time crunch! We had the chance to eat at Hattie B’s (HIGHLY recommended), Whisky Kitchen, Margaritaville and Johnny Rockets (a childhood favorite of mine). Out of these four places Hattie B’s was my favorite. Nashville is known for it’s Hot Chicken and this placed definitely lived up to all the hype around it. The food was delicious! I will make sure I pay another visit the next time I am in town.

2. Plan activities

We made sure to plan at least two activities for the weekend. Walking around and site seeing is always nice, but when I travel I also like to experience new things. I think it’s important to gain different experiences if you are visiting somewhere.

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The first thing we did was visit the Johnny Cash Museum. This museum was interesting simply because I did not know much about him at all. I enjoyed learning about his life and career. I didn’t realize he was so talented. I’d recommend visiting this attraction if you are in Nashville. Tickets were just $21 as well, so it’s fairly cheap!

The second attraction we visited was the Opry Mills Outlet Mall. I love to shop and I also love a good sale, so this was a great experience for me. This mall is HUGE and the prices are right. They literally had 90% off Michael Kors and Kate Spade bags, which never ever happens. If you’re a shopaholic this place is for you.

3. Get lit, but not too lit.

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Of course going out is always part of the plan when you take a trip somewhere. Since we only had two nights we made sure to make our time out count as well. We visited some of the top bars on Broadway Street such as Jason Aldean’s 4-story bar/restaurant, Tootsies and Honky Tonk Central. Each bar had live music and the quality in music was consistent everywhere we went. There really is a ton of talented musicians and singers in Nashville!

Even though we had fun both nights we made sure to not overdo it since we didn’t have time to sleep in all day. Nonetheless we had a great experience!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my basic guide to planning a weekend getaway! If you have any questions please comment them below.

-Talk to you later sweetieZ