7 Black Owned Beauty Brands To Support

Black owned beauty brands are beginning to get the recognition they fully deserve.

The beauty industry has historically lacked diversity in its products, brand marketing materials and as beauty guru Jackie Aina recently highlighted diversity in management. This long history of the lack of representation of all skin colors in beauty products has many fed up.

The idea of beauty is all inclusive and that should show in all products from hair care to skin care to make-up. Currently, women of color are working to instill this standard in the beauty industry through their very own brands. Black owned beauty brands are breaking stereotypes in beauty and embracing the uniqueness of each individual.

As a woman of color myself I have come to love many products created by other black women. Below you will find 7 black owned beauty brands that you too can support.

1. The Lip Bar

Black owned beauty brand The Lip Bar lipstick shades

Melissa Butler launched the lip bar in 2012. Melissa began making lipstick in her kitchen because she was fed up with the way beauty was portrayed in the media. She wanted to change the way people thought about beauty and break the standards that she saw. All of the lip bar’s products are cruelty free, vegan and easy to use!

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2. The Mane Choice

The Mane Choice is a line of hair care products specifically made for encouraging hair growth. Founder Courtney Adeleye works to make sure her products serve a dual purpose. Not only are they good for the hair, but they are also good for your body. Each product is created on the foundation of research and the “beauty, heath, science” approach. Ingredients such as Biotin, Vitamin A, B, C, D, & E can be found in all Mane Choice products.

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3. The Honey Pot

Black owned brand the Honey Pot company Jasmine refreshing panty spray

The Honey Pot prides itself in being the first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects and balances the vagina. Bea Dixon founded the Honey Pot because she wanted to give women products that could heal vaginal issues naturally. All her products are powered by herbs, refreshing and healing, made by women, backed by science and biodegradable/cruelty free.

*Disclaimer: all products are sold out online currently.*

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4. Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

Shontay Lundy founded Black Girl Sunscreen for people with melanin to have a sunscreen product that caters exactly to what their skin needs. This product leaves no white residue on the skin and doesn’t carry an overbearing smell with it either. Natural ingredients help rejuvenate your body and face as well as keep you moisturized throughout the day.

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5. Pattern x Tracee Ellis Ross

Pattern leave-in conditioner

The founder of this natural hair care line should sound familiar to you. Tracee Ellis Ross is an American actress, singer and television host and the daughter of Motown superstar Diana Ross. Patterns products support the curliest, coiliest and tightest of hair textures. You can count on these products to leave your curls hydrated, juicy and joyful.

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6. PLANT Apothecary

PLANT Apothecary's WAKEY WAKEY body wash

PLANT Apothecary’s products are trusted certified organic, eco-friendly self care. For those that demand high standards in the items they purchase this brand prides itself on being vegan and cruelty free. From acne treatments to bar soap PLANT Apothecary has it all!

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7. Black Opal

Black Opal is celebrating 25-years of passion, talent and expertise! This popular make-up and skincare brand can be found in most drug stores as well as online. Each of their products celebrates diversity in skin tones and cultures and encourages women and men to embrace their unique beauty.

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While these seven brands are great there are many more that you can support as well. Find a brand with products that work for you and start supporting black business!