YouTube Channels To Add To Your Subscribe List This Fall

YouTube is a place for creative’s to showcase their talents.

Today there are 31 million YouTube channels with the most popular channel possessing 126 million subscribers. The everyday person may use YouTube for various reasons including DIY’s, school work, meditation, etc. Sometimes the content you have access to at the click of a button can be overwhelming, but that’s the beauty of it. There is truly something for everyone.

While the average person may use YouTube as a pass-time there are some who use it for more than that. YouTubers are becoming more popular nowadays as the platform has become more profitable. Using videos to showcase expertise in various areas or show their everyday live is the new norm, and we are here for it!

Whether you are looking for beauty videos, lifestyle, fashion, sports, news, etc. YouTube has it. Today though we’d like to highlight a few channels that we at CamilleLove are enjoying right now! Feel free to read on and support these NEW YouTubers.


Genre: Beauty, DIY and VLOG

TheJaylaShow is a channel that every woman can enjoy. This channel came to be in April of 2020 after years of careful preparation. Jayla Jones started her channel because she was looking for a way to express herself as a creative. YouTube has always been where she goes to get inspired, so she felt like starting a channel was the perfect outlet for her.

Over the years Jayla has fallen in love with the beauty industry. She says that there is nothing she can’t learn! From teaching herself how to do her own hair to learning how to slay acrylic sets she’s learned a lot about herself. It’s only right that she shares her knowledge with her subscribers as well.

Since starting her channel Jayla has been coming strong with creative and relatable content for her viewers. Her subscribers can enjoy videos focused on beauty tips, hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, fashion DIYs and vlogs. If you’re looking to learn how to slay on a budget this channel is for you!

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Genre: Beauty/Lifestyle


In May of 2019 Alexis Dyer began her YouTube journey.

Growing up she was the kid who could watch YouTube for hours like it was TV, clicking from video to video uninterrupted. Which was before the days of paid advertisements and sponsor videos of course! She found YouTube to be her escape from reality as her parents went through a bad custody battle. Watching a simple DIY video from Bethany Mota or Mr.Kate was her escape during those turbulent years.

Alexis could always see herself being on the camera, but since she couldn’t afford the equipment at the time circa 2012 , just watching videos was enough! 

As her love for YouTube and the business, the art of the creators and the platform grew so did her excitement. Finally, in 2019 she was able to afford a nice camera, industry standard editing software, and a state of the art computer and has since been able to fulfill her dreams of being in front of the camera. Throughout it all she’s lived by the mantra, “Because if not me then who? and if not now, then when?”.

Alexis is passionate about the content she puts out to her viewers. In each video she is unapologetically her. Her subscribers can enjoy high quality videos, comical moments and insight into her crazy, silly, fun life! You’re guaranteed to find something you like, so join the fam!

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As Told By Kim

Genre: Beauty, DIY and VLOG

As Told By Kim came to be in June 2019. Kim White wanted to find a hobby that would allow her to express herself and show off her creativity.

Since starting her channel she’s learned a lot about the industry as well as about herself. She’s found that Youtube is fun, but challenging as a full-time student that works as well. Nonetheless it has been rewarding! Building connections with her followers through her content has allowed them to get an inside glimpse into her life.

Kim’s content caters to everyone, but mainly focuses on wig installs, beauty, vlogs, DIY, story times, etc. If you’re looking for variety this is definitely the channel for you. No matter what you watch you won’t be disappointed.

All of the videos found on As Told By Kim are authentic. You’re sure to get real and relatable content 24/7 from Kim. Whether it’s a video focusing on trying to balance school, her sorority (Zeta Phi Beta) or one of the many other hats she wears it’ll keep your attention. While Kim has not shown all her talent through Youtube she’s bound to soon, so subscribe to stay up to date!

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