Date Night Advice To Get Creative With Planning

Let’s talk date night!

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years. Our anniversary is in October, which is quickly approaching. We’re both so excited for what year 6 is going to hold!

One thing we’ve always done from the beginning is try new things together. Whether it’s watching a new show, trying new tasty drinks, or eating at a new restaurant we like to keep some element of surprise. That not only adds fun to our dates, it makes us closer!

Although I am more of a planner by nature, we both love to pitch in on date ideas. One of the most memorable dates we had was a date day that my boyfriend planned for us. He kept it a complete surprise, which if you know me was very hard to do! To start the day he took me to the WNDR Museum in Downtown Chicago. This museum is full of unique exhibits that make for great photo ops, so if you haven’t been add this to your date night list. After the museum we went to grab brunch, then bar hopped around town. We had the time of our lives doing what we wanted all day. It truly is the little things!

Date night is important

Depending who you ask they may say that dating is dead. I’ve often heard couples say that they rarely do anything special for their significant other because they’re so comfortable with each other there’s no need to “date”. While it’s sad, it’s becoming more and more common.

To those in a relationship, when’s the last time you went on a date? This may seem like a silly question to ask, but it’s important. There’s been times during our 5 year relationship that my boyfriend and I have asked the same question. Yes, we’ve always tried to prioritize our date nights, but life gets busy. I know all couples can relate to that. Especially when you’re working around work schedules, time with family, and friends seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend often may be a challenge.

Date night is important, and i’m a strong advocate for it. If you can make time, then make it. When busy schedules get in the way, that’s when creativity sets in.

Being creative with your dates will make them that much better. Here’s some fun date night ideas for you and your significant other:

  • Mini golfing
  • Try a new cuisine
  • Drive-in movie
  • Paint and sip
  • Picnic at your favorite park
  • Guess that wine – for wine lovers. Blindfold your partner and have them taste test wine and guess which it is.
  • Visit an arcade
  • Try a ballroom dancing class
  • Couples massage
  • Weekend getaway (like this one my boyfriend and I took to Louisville, KY)
  • Be a tourist in your hometown
  • Take a hike
  • Try a new hobby
  • Play the Price Is Right – go to your favorite store, you each pick three items and guess the price. If you get it right the other person buys that item for you.
  • Visit a brewery

These are just a few fun date night ideas to choose from. I hope this dating advice helps you spice up your time together!

Our latest date

Last weekend for date night my boyfriend and I went to Le Crepe Bistro in Homer Glen, IL. I love trying food from different cultures, so my boyfriend wanted to take me somewhere new. Side note: the day before I tried Ethiopian food at Tesfa Cuisine and I was in heaven! I love to eat if you can’t tell.

Here’s some yummy photos of the food my boyfriend and I ordered.

bread, butter and wine
French baguette with butter. How cute is the mini butter tray?!
My boyfriends date night meal
My boyfriend ordered: Chicken Fricassee – pieces of organic chicken braised in light cream, fresh squeezed orange juice, grapes and cashew nuts.
My date night meal
I ordered: Coq Au Vin – Dark chicken meat braised in a silky wine sauce and finished with butter and mushrooms, pearl onions, carrots, and tomatoes.
side of green beans
My side of french green beans.
french butter crepe
Our first crepe ever! This French Butter Crepe topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and a fresh strawberry was amazing.

The food here was 10/10, seriously. This is the first time i’d ever given compliments to a chef. Can’t wait to go back!

While being in a relationship should make you comfortable, don’t get complacent. I hope my dating advice was able to encourage you or someone you know.

If you’re also in a relationship feel free to share what you do to keep date night special in the comments below. I’d love to hear!