A Minimalist Wardrobe With Mary Espinosa

Clothes, clothes, clothes. Growing up, I always dreamt of the most perfect walk-in closet. I imagined wall-to-wall rows of hanging pieces (all with matching hangers, of course). Now that I have officially (OMG) entered my 30’s and became a new mom, where is a girl to find the time to put together fashionable in-style outfits? Now, I am not saying that because I am a new mom, fashion and style have to go out the window, but what I AM saying is, there is a much easier and more efficient way to go about this!

Insert: A Minimalist wardrobe.

This idea is not just for us busy fashion-loving moms, but for all those out there that 1. Love clothes, 2. Want to save money, and finally 3. Want to spend minimal time getting ready. If that resonates with you then this minimalist wardrobe idea just might be the right thing for you! 

My change to a minimalist wardrobe

Before you get started I want to share why I started a minimalist wardrobe.

First, as an avid Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s reader I was always super keen on what’s “in-style”. I quickly learned after flipping through pages and pages, that regardless if it’s “in-style” or not, I would always veer towards the “same” type of pieces / style, with just an occasional small change-up here and there. You would not believe how many times I’ve bought the same shirt! I just had SO many clothes that I could not keep up with what I already owned! Not only was my bank account not happy about this, BUT it was also a huge waste of space. Yeah I know, one blouse or one tank top was not going to take up much space, but multiply this by a pair of jeans, another sweater, a similar dress, and this quickly adds up! Having a minimalist wardrobe saves money AND declutters your space!

Why is having a minimalist wardrobe so great?

Remember those times when you would buy something fun and new, but end up wearing your old favorites? Me too! Do you ever go to your pack-tight closet and still feel like you have nothing to wear? ME TOO. It was then that I began wondering why I keep a closet stuffed with things that I don’t LOVE. Oh, and I also wondered why I kept spending money on mediocre clothes that I wouldn’t even bat an eye at when getting ready. They just didn’t stand a chance against my MOST-LOVED pieces.

To me, a minimal closet represents spending more time and energy on what really matters. That means less time spent deciding what to wear, less time shopping, less time doing laundry or caring for low-quality clothes, and ultimately allocating more time and effort to saving, investing, and having contentment and happiness. 

How to declutter your own closet

I followed a simple structure when it came to creating my minimalist wardrobe.

Step One: Purge

For quite some time now, I’ve had this rule. Whenever I do laundry, fold, and put clothes away, I take a few (or multiple) minutes doing this first step. I also do this whenever I shop. I quickly go through my closet and drawers, and pull out things I haven’t worn or will never wear again. Warning: This is NOT easy (in the beginning). You really just have to be bold and honest with yourself. Am I really going to wear this? Remotely soon? If you have to question yourself, more times than not, it’s a no and it goes in the donate, sell, or give up pile. I’ve been doing this for years now so it comes second nature to me but I would be lying if I didn’t warn you that it is not an easy task when you’re just starting out. 

Step 2: Purchase with intention

If it doesn’t go with everything you already own, do not buy it. More times than not, you will wear it once, maybe twice, take a cute photo, and never wear it again. HOWEVER, if it goes with everything else in your closet, you can create multiple different looks with it. Voilá! Impeccable wardrobe with minimal items!

Step 3: Create a safety net

You might be asking, “how does a minimal wardrobe stand a chance during different seasons?”. I call this my “safety net”. There will be items in your wardrobe that you will only be able to wear during certain seasons. Hello, I live in Illinois, and the weather is the very unpredictable. You may find a piece you REALLY love but can only wear it in the winter, or summer, and that’s okay as long as you can pair it with your “anytime of the year” clothes. Does this make sense? Let me give you an example. I have a beige trench coat. Honestly, with the Midwest weather, I can probably wear it in the spring, fall, and winter, but to make my point here, this trench coat pairs with all of my summer clothes. That means this bunch of summer clothes can totally be layered with my coat in the spring, fall, and winter. I don’t have to go out and buy clothes to specifically pair with my trench coat and the cycle goes on and on. I hope this makes sense!

Begin living a minimalist lifestyle

Being a minimalist is a lifestyle.

I’ve lived with a minimalist wardrobe for years now, but I wouldn’t say I am perfect. I still have a pretty big ambitious goal to minimize and capsule my wardrobe EVEN more, but I know this takes time AND money. To be honest, my goal is to invest in higher quality pieces that I know will last for many, many years. Hang tight, I’ll follow-up with another blog post on how this is going ;)! I have no doubt that my definition of a capsule minimalist wardrobe will change as I evolve, but I think I’ll always live with a version of minimal.

A Quick Bonus..

There are a few items in my closet that I consider a “must have”. I’ve rounded up those pieces below! Now, you obviously don’t have to start here, but this is just my personal recommendation on a few pieces I love and consider a staple in my closet. 

Minimalist wardrobe staple clothing items
Shop the look

I hope you enjoyed my post! I know I enjoyed guest writing for this chic blog. Click here to read more lifestyle posts by Camille Love!

Writer’s Bio

Mary is a full time Mommy and part-time Nurse. A wife, mom to her daughter Silas and dog mom to Todd and Coda. She loves a good spinach salad and kombucha. She’s also an avid runner and yogi. Mary Espinosa holds her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has a passion for helping and caring for people. Mary married Ernesto in August of 2018. They’ve built a home and  traveled around the globe together, and welcomed their first baby, a baby girl, Silas in December of 2020. Outside of her career and family, Mary enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle with a big heart for fashion and design. She has styled clothing for photo shoots and curated decor for homes. She’s a marathon runner but also holds a collection of heels. Ultimately, Mary is passionate about all her interests and is inspired everyday to pursue them.