An Open Letter To Myself – Here’s To 25

Dear Self,

It’s me, you.

Over the years i’ve seen you blossom into the beautiful young woman you are today. From crawling to walking, from the stroller to owning your own car, from playing on the playground to…still playing on the playground. Yes, if given the chance I would still play on the playground! Who wouldn’t?!

While so much has changed as you’ve grown you have always remained kind, determined, and uniquely creative. You love others with pure intentions, which sometimes means you give people more than they deserve, but that’s okay. Keep being you. Your smile lights up a room and makes people feel welcome. Don’t ever lose that smile. As you continue to evolve, and people and situations change stay determined to live the life God has called you to live. Stay disciplined and continue to work hard at all that you do. Your passion for the things you love is not a mistake. They’re God given. Which brings me to this – never let your creativity run dry. You are a writer. You tell stories, you bring brands to life, you give others a voice. Keep using your talent to be a blessing unto others. You are a singer and a musician. Use your voice along with the piano and guitar to bless others. Don’t compare yourself to others, because God has given you exactly what you need.

Year 25 is going to bring a lot more growth. Change comes with growth, but don’t worry, you’ll handle it well. This year will be full of open doors, dreams fulfilled, new experiences, love, peace, and increase.

The number 25 itself symbolizes change – some good and some bad, but embrace them with an open heart. God’s going to blow your mind.

Make this a year to be proud of!

Cheers to 25.