Seattle Trip: Seven Reasons to Visit in 2022

Seattle was everything I needed and more to start off this year.

I know it’s February, but Happy New Year! My year is starting off great with a new job, being newly engaged and a trip to Seattle! My fiance and I wanted a quick weekend trip to celebrate our enagement, so we spun a (virtual) wheel and it landed on Seattle. We had such an amazing time, despite one thing – I sprained my ankle! I don’t know how it happened, but by the end of the trip I couldn’t walk and had to use a wheel chair to get through the airport. Not my best moment. (LOL) Besides that though we enjoyed ourselves and i’m going to tell you guys all about it along with seven reasons why you should visit Seattle in 2022.

Reasons to Visit Seattle, Washington

Seattle vacation photo

Seattle is a historic and beutiful city and the brithplace of several big companies such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft to name a few. The city has plenty of things to do, places to see, and amazing food to try. If you’re curious about what makes Seattle worth the visit you’ll want to keep reading to hear about my fun filled trip!

7. Reasonable accomodations

I say reasonable accommodations because Seattle isn’t the most affordable place my fiance and I have visited, but after some digging, we found some budget-friendly accommodations. My fiance and I chose to stay in an Airbnb during our weekend in Seattle. I’ll link the one we chose here located in Beacon Hill.

I will say this Airbnb was a bit on the smaller side, but we made it work as always! It was just the two of us, so we didn’t need a ton of space, and it had everything else we wanted. Our Airbnb was nestled in a quiet neighborhood close enough to downtown Seattle to get around easily, but far enough out to get a good night’s rest, which we appreciated. It was also just a 15-20 minute ride from the airport. That definitely came in handy for our 6AM flight home! Some of the most notable amenities were a washer and dryer unit, dishwasher, and complimentary slippers.

My piece of advice to keep accommodations at a reasonable price would be to stay outside of the city, as prices rise the closer you get to downtown. Yes, that means Uber and Lyft may be more expensive, but in the long run, doing so will save you money.

6. Attractions are easily accessible

Getting around Seattle was a breeze! We utilized Uber and Lyft throughout our trip since we stayed outside of the city. On average we spent around $20 – $25 per ride.

If you prefer using public transit there is a streetcar that travels throughout downtown, which is a budget-friendly option. An adult single-fair costs $2.25, which can be paid in cash, card, via the TransitGO app, or a pay station.

Depending on the weather a lot of attractions are within walking distance. For example, my fiance and I walked from Pike’s Place to the Space Needle in thirty minutes. So if you’re up for that, go for it!

5. It’s COVID safe

Seattle has strict COVID guidelines in place in pretty much every public place. Vaccine cards are required and must be shown upon entry into restaurants, bars, and indoor attractions. Since my fiance and I are both vaccinated this wasn’t a problem for us, but for someone who isn’t having fun in Seattle would be a huge challenge.

I found the city being COVID safe as a great reason to visit. Because although I am aware anyone could contract COVID at any time, it was comforting knowing those precautions were there.

4. Tons of beautiful scenary

Honestly, every place my fiance and I went that weekend had a beautiful view! Our favorite view was from Pike’s Place. There was a deck just off Elliott Bay where people stopped to eat and rest after shopping and the scenary in the background was amazing. When we were there it was foggy and it added an extra element. Almost like that episode of Scooby-do when Scooby cuts a donut out of fog and eats it. (I miss childhood! LOL)

During our visit we did make it to the top of the space needle, however we couldn’t see much due to the fog! So although the fog looked nice over the water, it was disappointing that it ruined our space needle view. We made up for it though by grabbing some food and Starbucks. (A must in Seattle!)

We didn’t have a chance to go to the mountains since we were only there a few days, but on our flight out we flew over them at sunrise. I would say if you go to Seattle to make time to visit the mountains. I know we will next time! For now, here’s a couple pics I caught during the flight.

3. Museum of Pop Culture

If you are a music lover like myself and you’re looking for something fun and trendy to do this is the spot. The Museum of Pop Culture highlights music greats, TV’s biggest stars, movies, and TV shows from over the years that have shaped pop culture in both an informative and creative way. My favorite exhibit was Contact High, which gave a visual history of Hip-Hop. I believe some of the exhibits change at certain times of the year, so before you visit be sure to do your research!

2. Tiktok worthy restaurants

My fiance and I ate at two amazing restaurants that were Tiktok worthy due to the ambiance and delicious food and drinks. Sidenote: it’s funny how you probably know exactly what I mean when I say “Tiktok worthy”. The ones that get it, get it!

Restaurant one was MBar which is a rooftop bar with a modern Middle Eastern–meets-Mediterranean menu and some of the best drinks in town. The service and food here was 10/10, and the view was just as nice. As I said, my fiance and I visited Seattle in January, so their outdoor section was not open. But in the summer i’m sure it’s the place to be!

Restaurant two was DiFiora an Asian-European restaurant located just outside downtown Seattle. It BY FAR the cutest restaurant i’ve ever been to. From the decor to the food to the amazing service we received, this was a 5-start dining experience and i’d highly recommend this place. My fiance ordered the Crispy Garlic Chicken and I ordered the Spicy Green Beans with seafood with a side of sticky rice. We were literally so full at the end of our meal, but it was well worth it. Although the drinks were perfect everywhere in Seattle, the drinks at DiFiora were the best in my opinion.

1. Pike’s Place

Now for my favorite part of the trip! Pike’s Place is considered the “soul of Seattle” and spans nine historic acres in downtown Seattle. We found so many handmade goods, natural skincare products, clothing items, fresh seafood, baked goods, and restaurants. Pike’s Place really is a one stop shop for almost anything you could think of. I’m going to share a ton of pics of alll the yummy food we ate because I feel like they tell the story so much better!

If you’re looking for advice on planning your trip to Seattle feel free to reach out to me or leave a comment below. i’m happy to help!

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Happy planning!