UGC Props Every New Creator Needs To Start Out

The key to creating great user generated content as a content creator is simple. You need to have the right tools. So, what are those tools exactly? In this post I’ll share my short list of must have items as a UGC creator to begin creating top quality content.

After 5+ years of blogging and promoting brands and products for free, I recently enterted the UGC creator space. In just a couple of months I’ve built up a collection of content creation tools to take my content to the next level. It’s even earned me recognition from top brands like Neutrogena and LOLA.

Build a strategy first

I’ve experienced first hand what the right tools can do for a creator, and I want to see the same results for you. But, before we get into our list, I want to talk about the importance of having a strategy as a UGC creator.

Having a strategy in place for your content is the first step you should take as a creator. It’s what will keep you on track and help you create the type of content brands love. Without a plan in place you’ll find yourself without direction, which will only hurt you in the end.

To help you start your UGC journey on the right foot I’ve created a UGC Creator Strategy Workbook. This workbook is packed with valuable tools to walk you through developing a strategy that works, identifying your niche, creating your portfolio, and pitching to brands – all in 1-hour!

Now, let’s get into my list of recommended props and tools every UGC creator should have.

Amazon UGC shopping list

Getting the right props to start your UGC journey is easy! Amazon has tons of aesthetically pleasing decor pieces and technology that can enhance your content. Here’s a list of six items that are a must buy to complete your UGC starter kit!

*A friendly note that this list contains affiliate links*

Use: Great for adding shadows to photos/videos.

Use: Grab an empty box and adhere the glossy marble to the box to mimic a granite counter top.

Use: Add these unbranded candles to your photos and videos for an extra touch.

Use: Add these plants to your photos and videos for an extra touch. P.S. you can also use these as decor pieces around the house!

Use: Record content at home or on the go with this portable bluetooth tripod.

Use: In low-light areas a ring light comes in handy to help you produce high-quality content.

Kickstart your creator journey

I hope this short list helps you get the tools you need to begin your journey as a UGC creator. If Amazon isn’t your cup of tea there are plenty of other places to check out such as Target, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. The choice is yours!

If you have questions or would like to share anything I may have missed feel free to comment below!

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